Wednesday, March 20, 2013

spring snow day survival tips

As you well know, it snowed yesterday...a lot.

and I was none too pleased about the whole situation, SO I decided to compile a list of things that helped Clara and I get through the day without hating New England too much.

here it is. Marcum girl snow day survival guide:

1. Have some pink ranunculus on hand. They're very cheerful and can help lighten up even the crankiest of cranks (read --> me).

2. Wear bright, happy colors. Because even if you can't leave the house to show off your cuteness...wearing bright colors always tends to brighten your mood. Am I right?

3. Make yourself a baguette sandwich with some good crunchy bread. Mine was of the turkey+apple+fig butter variety. A good day cannot be a truly good day without good food. It's a rule.

4. Pour yourself some diet coke in a cute cup with plenty of ice. Oh and add lemon wedges too, there has to be lemon wedges.

5. Find the comfiest spot in your house and read your favorite book. Try to envision the sweet glades of Ithilien in the Spring. (if you got this reference, we can be best friends forever.)

6. Remember that you produced the cutest, happiest, chunkiest baby on earth. So really, life can never be that bad. Ugly snowstorm or not!

best of luck to you.

and happy first day of Spring!!


  1. Okay you are tiny after just having a baby! So not fair:) Clara is darling and I love reading your blog! Cheers to better weather for you!

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  3. Ah I can't wait for warmer weather to arrive.


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