Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the high life

Well, Clara and I matched on Sunday.

This is the start of a long history of awkward matching mother-daughter outfits

I'm totally embracing it.

Clara got this adorable faux fur coat from my one of my Grandma's besties at her baby shower (of course my Grandma's friends have the best taste, she is probably the classiest woman I know) and wouldn't you know it....I had almost the exact same coat at home! It stands to this day as one of my favorite $10 vintage finds. Clara and I were clearly born for a life of luxury ;-) I've been just itching for the day that Clara would fit in it so we could match to church. Unfortunately I decided to sleep/nap in on accident so my hair was hideous (notice the style change 3 pictures in) and the only make up I had on was red lipstick, however, the pictures must be had to document the occasion. Steve insisted. So here we are!

Luckily, one of the perks of being a mom is that you can look like a hag but your ridiculously cute accessory always outshines you, making your "hagness" less noticeable.


  1. Amazing.

    We haven't attempted to take our three month old to church yet. Any tips?

  2. shut the front door. Rachel Zoe would be so proud of you two!:-) xoxo

  3. Too cute! As a child, I lived through many matching outfits. (My mother is quite the seamstress so she was a bit dangerous when it came to matching.) Those pictures are still my favorites :)


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