Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekending in Maine

On Saturday morning we woke up, I fed Clara and we started into our morning routine. I intended on grabbing bagels and taking Steve into the station so he could go to work. As I'm getting Clara dressed Steve walks into the nursery and says "I have a crazy idea" and just like that I threw my hair in a bun, we jumped in the car, hopped on the 95 north and headed to Maine for a weekend adventure. 

Spontaneity at its best. 

Ogunquit is definitely a place to visit in the summer but we still had fun in the frigid temperatures. The town was pretty sleepy but the beach was beautiful, we enjoyed a few of the vintage treasures they had to offer and I tried my first lobster roll. Success! Our first stop was the beach and in the middle of our picture taking frenzy with Clara bundled up in the biggest blanket we could find, my camera died- I clearly wasn't expecting a weekend road trip #notprepared. It was kind of liberating, you know? We enjoyed the sites and talked for hours about the future and family and reconnected after a long week. I love my little family.


  1. what a fun trip! this sounds like the perfect weekend get away!

  2. Spontaneity at its best, for sure! Maine is magical.

  3. haha, love the clara bundle!

  4. oh you guys. just a little family of lovebirds flitting around:-) xoxo

  5. What a beautiful post - that first picture is beautiful and should be framed! The water looks so cold, but it seems peaceful at the same time. Happy you had such a nice weekend!


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