Monday, April 08, 2013

Clara at 5 months

and let me introduce you to the jolliest 5 month old you've ever seen.

at 5 months Clara...

-smiles all the time. Seriously she does. Even when she cries, you can give her a big smile and she'll give you one right back! I know I have my "parent" rose colored glasses on but...this baby is the

-has been sleeping about 11 hours at night! Hallelujah!

-has perfected the open mouth baby kiss. It looks alarmingly similar to a baby attempting to eat your face- but my mommy heart can tell the difference (sometimes she does try to eat your face- but the kisses are different).

-still prefers to snuggle on my chest when I rock her to sleep at night. sigh.

-flirts with EVERYONE. She's always just waiting for you to look at her and she'll give you a big gummy smile in return. She causes quite a fuss in Sunday school.

-wants to put everything in her mouth. I'm 97.5% positive she's teething.

-pulls my hair with a vengeance and thinks it's the greatest thing ever.

-is getting the hang of this hand eye coordination thing. She can actually take her pacifier out and put it back into her mouth if she concentrates really hard.

-loves playing with toys. If she sees one of her toys she loves her eyes will get really wide and she'll start breathing really heavy and try to grab it. It's probably the cutest thing ever.

-thinks Watson is the greatest thing since breast milk. When he's playing in the kitchen she'll "call" to him from her high chair  trying to get his attention- so funny.

-is a talker! She's our little chatty cathy and just coos and laughs and talks all day. She's almost said "hi" and "mom" and "dada" but we can't be quite sure yet.

-has a little sense of humor. Steve and I just try to come up with ways to make her laugh constantly. Our personal favorites are rubbing her feet against Steve's stubble and "eating" her belly. Entertainment for days people, I'm telling you.

-still loves looking at herself in the mirror, but, I mean...if you were that cute wouldn't you?

-has rolls for days. We weighed her in last night at 19 pounds. Proud mommy over here! The dimples on her knees, I can't even.

-loves her bath and massage at night. Every time I rub the lotion in my hands to warm it up her mouth opens up with the widest grin. 

-is always pulling her shirt up to show off her belly.

-holds on to my shoulder and my neck when I carry her on my hip. It melts me every time.

-can produce an impressive amount of drool for one so small.

-loves her Daddy. she's always excited when he walks in the door at night.

-has retained the nicknames; jelly bean, jelly belly, chunk, Clara girl and sugar.

I can't even express how much love I feel is just bursting out of me for this little person. She's my little buddy and I wouldn't trade my life with her for anything this world could offer me.

I love you Clara Rose.


  1. Unhinge my jaw and swallow her whole. what a cutie. lucky mama.

  2. I can attest to her flirt factor! She was like a little sunshine beam at Burdick's...everyone wanted to say hello and get to see one of her smiles. What a happy little lady she is. Aw. Happy 5 months!

  3. she looks SO sweet! and already talking?! i need her to come teach my 14 month old some words! :)

  4. She's a doll! What a happy girl.

  5. You can see it in her eyes.... She looks so much like you! She is beautiful.

  6. I just want to smooch her!!! I'll leave that for the eh?:-) xoxo

  7. She is adorable! All that squish. I die!

  8. Happy 5 months, Clara! She is so deliciously chubby!

  9. Hi! I came across your blog through Instagram. I just have to say little Clara is SUPER ADORABLE!!! I seriously melt looking at these pics. You must be so proud to have a little darling like her. Anyways - I love the blog and the nice balance of pics and words. =D


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