Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pom Pom Crazed

As I was perusing my favorite store the other day I saw a lot of little pom pom embellishments and it got me thinking- why don't I spruce up some of my wardrobe?

My sewing machine has been broken for a few weeks and I've been itching to get creative...this seemed like a perfect solution. So grab some of your boring clothes and a hot glue gun, buy some pom poms and let's get started!

I'm actually not even going to post a "DIY" it's too easy- I'd just feel silly telling you what to do. But this is what I did, take the inspiration as you will!


  1. SO cute!!! Hands down trying the skirt one!!!!!

  2. So sweet! So creative, so on trend! Isn't it fun to put new life into something unused?

  3. Love the shirt you made with red Pom poms

  4. ohhhhhh those leopard shoes are gonna haunt me forever!!! in a good/bad way. (They were on sale many moons ago at TJMaxx, BUT in a too small size for my giant feet). I will live vicariously through you! So cute! xoxo


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