Monday, April 15, 2013

Saturday Lunch in Boston

On Saturday Steve had to work so Clara and I drove into the city and met him for probably the prettiest lunch I've ever had. Sportello was fantastic, the food was delicious- I'm still dreaming about my beet salad, they had the good ice- you know the kind, and we got to finish it off with some tasty french macarons (not pictured). Could a lunch get any better? Probably not. South Boston, you have surprised me.

also of note: my Grandma made this coat for me when I was like 10, and I still wear it.


  1. their tomato soup in amazeballs!

  2. looks delicious, and love your outfit! i've only been to boston once for a red sox game and need to go back!

  3. That looks delicious, love your cute little fam, and you look gorgeous!!

  4. Such a poignant post on such a sad day. Making Boston look so lovely and happy. Hope you guys are doing ok xx


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