Monday, May 06, 2013

6 months

My cute little ball of chub is 6 months old.  sheesh.

At six months Clara...

-still loves popping those first two fingers in her mouth, and even though I said I'd never relent...I'm slightly less freaked out about it. I mean, it's kind of cute.

-sits up super well. I feel like it was just a few days ago she sat up on her own for the first time and now she's gone all professional on me. She can sit up without toppling over for around 20 minutes- crazy -and thinks it's the coolest thing ever. In fact, she wants to do it all the time. It's her new favorite party trick.

-is SUCH a flirt. It's hilarious. We're a riot everywhere we go. If you're not looking at her she'll "yell" at you until you do, then she'll give you a big smile or laugh, then turn into my shoulder and act like she's shy, then smile or laugh at you again. She likes to keep you on her line, always wanting more. This can go on for twenty minutes or so- such a little tease. Consider yourself warned.

-is still exclusively breastfed. My doctor keeps telling me breastfed babies eventually even out on the chart...she's still above and beyond. Rolls for days this one, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

-is such a cuddle bug. She still loves to be rocked/snuggled to sleep and although I know it's probably creating some kind of sleep monster every baby book and random lady at church warns you against...I still do it. I love it. She still likes her little arms to be swaddled too. She always kicks her legs out, but she likes her arms wrapped up tight!

-gets a little punch drunk when she's tired. She's either laughing hysterically or crying and it can change at any moment. I shouldn't say this, but its kind of hilarious.

-gives the best hugs and kisses. I still die every time she does it and I get them several times a day. sweet girl.

-loves playing with/eating toys, as evidenced in the photos below. This seems like such a huge thing to me! I know all you veteran moms are probably rolling your eyes but I think it's so dang cute when she reaches for a toy. I mean, so grown up!

-is so loud. Really. If everybody in the grocery store didn't notice the stroller on our way in...they're certain there was a baby present before we leave. Seriously. She is constantly cooing and talking and about every ten minutes she lets out a scream of delight which sounds like a noise I imagine a baby pterodactyl would've made. It's hilarious.

-thinks her daddy hung the moon. I'm fairly certain she's a daddy's girl through and through. I'm sure it should make me a little sad but after all I'm kind of partial to daddy's girls and I still get to breastfeed her mostly just melts me. Seeing Steve as a dad....*sigh

you're our girl Clara and we think you're practically perfect in every way. Love you little jelly bean.


  1. Really? Not an ounce of solid food yet? Go mama! The way you describe Clara is wonderful. Wish she'd go shopping at our stores. I'd love to hear that pteradactyl scream. :) Happy 6 months. These next months months of babyhood are some of my personal favorites.

  2. I snuggled/rocked my babies to sleep forever. And still 'keep them company' at night after stories. They have always been fantastic sleepers (not monsters). So keep on hugging her! She is so cute!

  3. She IS the jelliest beaniest jelly bean, ever! Happy happy 6 months! xoxo

  4. she is beyond precious and beautiful!!! gosh, i'm sorry, but being a mommy to a little girl is theee best thing ever ;) ;) and we didn't even start any solids til almost 8 months! it changes their poop and it's not even necessary yet so i am all for not rushing into it!

  5. Sounds like someone has discovered her voice and is proud of it!Gosh, she's the cutest!

  6. Jess, she seriously is SO ADORABLE!


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