Sunday, May 12, 2013

a few letters and thoughts on moms

first to my mother,

who has always been in my corner of the ring, my biggest cheerleader. whose example taught me to always turn to God.on whose impeccable taste in handbags and shoes i will always rely. who loved me through friendless years and heartbreaks. who supported me even when i maybe didn't deserve it. whose prayers for me never cease. who taught me to be a mother. i love you.

to my grandmother,

who embodies grace and class. who taught me a love of books. who took me on walks and showed me fairy lands of wildflowers and waterfalls. who gives the best hugs, kisses and back scratches. who i consider one of my dearest friends still. i love you.

to my amazing mother-in-law,

who has been nothing short of perfect by way of mother-in-laws. who has loved and accepted me as one of her own. who has been an example to me of how to be a perfect Christ-like friend. who raised a prince among men. i love you.

lastly to my Clara girl,

who is my jam. who rocked my world the minute she entered it. who taught me to love so fiercely i thought i might burst into a million pieces. who is a little piece of the man i love that i can have with me forever. who is the chubby cuddly baby of my dreams. who gave me my true purpose in life. i love you more than i can express.

and in my opinion, Mother's Day is a celebration of women. of all women. we are all "mother's" whether we have produced a child from our womb or loved a child or person or creature not genetically our own. we've all been given a gift to nurture and to love and that is what this holiday is all about. it is a celebration of what is easily looked over in the eyes of the world. the small acts of tender loving kindness that often go unnoticed, but that we cannot live without. the threads of humanity that hold us all together. happy Mother's Day.


  1. This is really beautiful. Very well said. Happy first mothers day to you, the first of many xxxxxxx

  2. Love your writing as always. Happy mothers day!


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