Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This past weekend Steve's sister Brittney came out to visit with her youngest daughter Paisley.

We had so much fun while they were here but one of my favorite things about the visit was seeing these two cousins play with each other! 

Clara and Paisley are exactly six months apart- I fully expect a blossoming friendship in the coming years.

Clara was fairly enamored with miss Paisley. They enjoyed poking each other, touching/pulling each other's hair, stealing each other's binkies and putting fingers into each others mouths.

all in good fun of course.

Love you guys! Miss you already.


  1. People who name their daughter Paisley (and clara) are the best! ;)
    Love Lauren and baby Paisley Jane

  2. Just found your adorable lil blog through Meg from Across the Pond! Your little one is just the cutest! We are expecting our little girl in early fall! :)

    xo Lynzy


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