Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Picnic

Memorial Day is one of those holidays that you just really crave baking your skin in the sun and barbecue and pool time and family- if you're me that is.

we didn't get all of the above this year but we did have a pretty fantastic Panera picnic at the park. 

the sun decided to grace us with her presence after a three day absence and let me tell you, 70 degrees had never felt so good!

I love this little family of mine.

^^^oh ye noble corgi^^^


  1. I wanna squish those cute cheeks!

  2. Okay, Clara's outfit? Seriously, Jess? Amazing. You are such a good mother and I love seeing her "grow up" via blog :).

  3. Your photos makes my heart gooey and melty. You and your babes are beautiful.


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