Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day with my sweet baby was perfect. Steve woke up early and made us creamed eggs- my favorite (under my mother's tutelage- sneaky sneaky). We went to church and Clara peed on me but I got a box of Sees chocolates so we were reconciled. Steve made us an early dinner--> rice pealof, filets and salad. Again, all on his own and amazing! Steve then gifted me two Tolkien books- he knows me so well. We rounded off the evening with some salted caramel gelato and a flick I'd been wanting to watch for a while. 

I just love that man of mine. So grateful he made me a mother.


  1. Hi Jess, what's creamed egg? hope you dont mind asking, i'm a Japanese and dont know what it is!
    Great color combo again you dress unique and super cute. oh, and salted caramel gelato? To die for. Glad you had a good one :)

    1. Kay! I don't mind at all- I just posted the recipe in a new post this morning!

  2. I'm from the UK and I don't know what creamed egg is either - I'm quite intrigued!
    Gorgeous photos. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day!

  3. Heck I'm from America and I do t know what a creamed egg is! Share!!

  4. These pictures are gorgeous! Seriously. The best.

  5. Perfectly sweet day! Motherhood looks good on you:-) xoxo

  6. Hello blossoms! Happy first mother's day to you!


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