Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our weekend project.

For the last month or so Clara has been waking up earlier than she used to.

aka since the sun has been rising earlier she decided to be our rooster

once we put two and two together we decided to take matter into our own hands.

enter: weekend project.

at first we were thinking blackout curtains but Steve had an infinitely better plan.

We went to Lowe's, had a board cut out to the dimensions of her window, picked up some Anthro knobs, bought some acrylic paint and went to painting!

this Mary Oliver quote I thought fit into the nursery perfectly.

I have to give most of the credit to Steve- it was fun to play artist with him for the weekend!

and we are happy to report that the last two mornings she has slept in until 9am and 8:30am respectively. hallelujah.


  1. this is BEYOND guys could totally go into business!

  2. I love that little chub so much. Why are her eyelashes so long? Not even fair, tell her most people get extensions to look like hers! Love the chalkboard- good job girl!

  3. WOW!!! That looks awesome and I totally thought you bought it at Rifle Paper Co. I cannot believe you guys made it! You need to sell those on Etsy- I would have bought those for my daughters nursery looks much cooler then blankets draped over the curtains : ) I am going to share a link to this from my Facebook page.

  4. BRILLIANT!! ;)

    And ps. You should paint and sell it on Etsy. So talented dear!! xo

  5. Love this idea! It looks wonderful even without knowing the function. YOU are CRAFTY. Thank you for sharing!


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