Thursday, June 06, 2013

7 month update

I swear if pregnancy wasn’t such a doozy I’d have about a thousand more babies just like this girl! You’re such a dream Clara Rose.

At seven months Clara…

-loves to talk. Talk talk talk talk talk! I can’t wait to hear the thoughts that go on inside this little jelly bean. She has made sounds that sound like “Dada” “Daddy” “momma” “mom” and “hi” but she rarely repeats them so I don’t really know if we count them as official first words?? Veteren parents out there- thoughts?

-after a brief estrangement with solid foods (as seen here) has really come into her own! So far she has inhaled sweet potatoes, squash and carrots. Every time we bring out the jar of baby food she squeals with delight and reaches her chubby little hands out to grab it. If there is any pause in the shoveling of food, however brief, she lets out a screech and smiles as soon as the food hits her tongue again. That girl. She still breast feeds pretty much exclusively but usually downs a jar of baby food at dinner time.

-loves playing with toys and stuffed animals. She’s at the magic age where any discomfort can be forgotten with the squeak or jingle of her favorite toy.

-has perfected the “squeal of delight” which cannot be fully described by the pen but must rather be shown. I’ll have to whip out a video of it. It’s the best thing ever.

-Can officially roll over both ways- back to belly and belly to back- of yesterday!

-more often than not wakes up laughing in the morning.As soon as I walk in the door she cranks her head around to see me and starts laughing even harder, it's beyond cute.

-is the biggest flirt.

-loves Watson. He's significantly less interested in her but never you mind, just the sight of him can cure her of any bad mood. In fact, if she's getting restless while I'm cooking dinner I just sit her in her bumbo right outside the screen door and put Watson outside. He loves to look in which means he looks directly at her and she's content just staring at him. So funny.

-is so far ticklish behind her ears, under her neck(s), under her armpits, on her belly, on her thighs and at the bottom of her feet. You better believe she gets at least five tickle attacks a day from mom. and that's a conservative minimum.

-has a favorite toy, her stuffed fox that I got her for Christmas. I named him Christopherson. 

-loves dancing to country music in the kitchen with her mom.

-gives the best open mouth kisses and bear hugs. Kill me dead.

We think you pretty much hung the moon Clara girl. 


  1. Jess- she is such a smooch! Seriously- she is darling :)

  2. She is truly adorable!!! Just look at that smile!

  3. It's so fun to watch her grow and see what she's up to, as I'm due this November with my baby! So a year from now, my little babe will be where Clara is now! It makes me so excited! Thanks for sharing! Her smile just kills me!

  4. clara has the best smile! i've also loved our 16 month old interact and become 'friends' with our corgi, bruce :)

  5. Her facial expressions are priceless.

  6. I'm new to your space and so enjoying browsing around your corner of the net! And these 7 month pictures!? Oh my cuddly word! Your Clara is so sweet and squishy my ovaries about exploded ;) Thanks for sharing her and enjoy your Hawaiian vacay!

  7. Clara REALLY is one of the CUTEST babies i have EVER seen!!!! Keep up the great work mama


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