Monday, June 03, 2013

A Stroll Through Lex

Summer is officially here and we have the tan lines and frozen yogurt and Friday night strolls to prove it! No complaints from this corner about 93 degrees and humid. Bring it on!! I'm a summer time kind of gal. Absolutely. This California girl needs her some sunshine- and this weekend Boston delivered.

When Steve got off work we decided to take advantage of the heat wave and go for a family stroll through Lexington. I could get used to evenings like these.


  1. Oh summer, I'm glad you're here too! Your evening out looks divine. Also, genius idea on the board in Clara's room. I just wish I was artsy enough to do something like that for my boys.

    1. Seriously- if I can do it you can do it! I'm really not artsy at all!!!

  2. That last pic is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful little family!

  3. Seriously, how cute is she?! What a lucky momma! Looks like a blast.
    - Candice

  4. Summer evenings are my favorite time of day, of year, of anything. AH they're so warm and perfect. And that hat looks darling on you, by the way.


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