Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby Brother

My baby brother goes into the MTC today to serve a two year mission for our church in Argentina

My baby brother who I still see with chubby cheeks and white blonde hair in my minds eye

who used to love to streak naked around the house when I had friends over and rode around his stuffed sheep with a spatula in his hand pretending to be a cowboy

who is better at movie quotes than anyone I've ever met and was so excited when he found out he was going to be an uncle that he did a full on herkie

whose clocked in more hours with me in the saddle save my dad only.

some of my fondest memories growing up were driving around in our big blue ford with Zane, going to saddle the horses, driving the quad around the 40 spraying brush and checking fences. Riding to go check on cattle and talking about his dreams of going to BYU and serving a mission.

I'll miss you zane. I just know I'm going to go to text you a Tombstone quote one of these days and cry when I realize you wont text back

but mostly I'm just incredibly proud of you

love you dude.

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