Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Uniforms

The summers in Boston are gloriously hot. and I'm not saying that with any hint of sarcasm in my voice. I love it. Give me the heat ANY day! but with the humidity and heat comes a need for a new sort of uniform. Enter my "mommiform" summer 2013.

messy top knot: not to be confused with a cute top knot. because heaven knows Clara's infatuation with pulling my hair will not be ceasing anytime soon. Thank the heavens my hair is now long enough to pull up and out of her reach!

sunnies: this pair can go on record as my favorite TJ Maxx find ever.

face: little to no make up, excepting bright lipstick.

loose t: got to get that air circulation going

skirt: rule #1 for hot humid weather skirts are now your new bffs

flats: I would say flip flops but I usually wear flats, it's just more my style.

Clara's summer uniform:

sleeveless top: you better believe we are showing off those rolls as much as we can! it's usually a tank top but today we opted for cap sleeve. She's working on her modesty ;)

bloomers: easy to slip on. thinner than shorts. what's not to love?

bare feet: her regular shoes are just too hot and I cannot for the life of me find a pair of sandals that fit her tiny feet! Seriously. the smallest pair at baby gap are huge on her.

I'm praying for an eternal summer. 

it's magic out here.


  1. I love this look on you! Your baby girl is too cute!

  2. Those pictures of Clara pretty much just killed me dead. She just gets prettier and prettier (no surprise there with you as her mama)!

  3. You both look darling! I know what you mean about tiny baby feet. Penelope has the same problem and not only that, her little feet are so chubby. I can't get any shoes to fit over the pudge:)

  4. You and Clara have the best style! ;)

  5. Mint color T with yellow flats. I like how you add just enough splash of surprise. Clara's arm rolls are the best, aren't they?


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