Monday, June 24, 2013

Sundee afternoons

I shall declare it to the ends of the earth

I love Sunday walks!


take me back.

*not pictured

-Clara peeing all over herself and me in the nursing lounge and proceeding to laugh hysterically down the hall as I walk her out of church, naked, 15 minutes early. Mischief anyone?

-the glorious 3  hour family nap that went down when we got home. 

-how awkward I felt taking that picture ^^^

-Clara deciding she loves frozen mangoes.

-Watson eating copious amounts of grass at the park because apparently he's vegetarian.


  1. It was about 500 thousand degrees yesterday. I am impressed you went for a walk in that weather!

    1. I'm al about hot weather! Seriously. I was eating it up!

  2. Geez, your outfit with pigtails are the cutest.. I have to copy that!


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