Tuesday, June 25, 2013


with me being gone in Hawaii and Steve leaving for Costa Rica shortly after I got home, we needed some quality family time

enter: day trip to Newfane, Vermont.

the trip would've been worth it if only for the scenic drive and the random ice cream shop we stopped at in New Hampshire. (the balck raspberry ice cream was so stinkin' good we stopped on our way back too!)

but I digress.

It was a cute little town with old victorian homes, lots of maple syrup and greenery for days

sometimes this small town girl just needs a slower pace.

ugh I need another scoop like five minutes ago!

that strawberry rhubarb jam is a vision and I've yet to try the syrup but it's got to be good if it's from Vermont right?

Steve let me stroll around one of the local nurseries for a bit because I'm a nerd like that and I swear if I had a proper garden I would've bought all of their English tea roses. They were gorgeous!

we had a surprisingly good lunch at a local dive and Clara REALLY enjoyed the lemons from our water. Funny girl.

Our last stop was at the river that runs alongside town. There were like a million cars parked on the side of the road so we figured it was a good sign. We figured correctly. It was beautiful. We waded in for a while, skipped rocks and cooled off from the day. The perfect goodbye to Vermont.

Hey, there's a baby hiding behind that tree!

and to top it all off we stopped at a carnival on our way home. because what is summer without a fair? Am I right?

long live the weekends!!!


  1. haha, Clara's face that tastes lemon! The pic of you and her in the river is adorable. And that skirt of yours and dotty shoes are seriously stinkin' cute. hey, i see Clara has bangs!

    1. Thanks Kay you're too sweet! Clara is getting a little "bang" her hair just wants to grow straight forward!!!

  2. Ahhh, Vermont. Isn't it the hippiest place you've ever been? Bron spent two years there at UVM getting his master's in Burlington. You just brought back so many summer time memories! Hope you can make it back to Vermont, there's so much to do there, including Joseph Smith's birthplace and the Ben and Jerrys ice cream museum (with free samples!). I misssss creamies ice cream (gotta get sprinkles) and my pantry is stocked with pure maple syrup. You'll never be able to go back to the cheap stuff. Hehe And if you can find maple cream anywhere, your mouth will die and go to heaven. Promise. We spent so many afternoons just like you did as a family with our feet dangling in Lake Champlain. It was a dream. And you are living in my dream of my past! Enjoy. Having some major nostalgia here. What a perfect weekend.

    1. It did just seem so idyllic for summer! I loved it! I can't wait to get back there...if only the East Coast could just have an eternal summer! It's so beautiful here right now- I just want to soak it all in!

  3. We visited the Corse Farm during the maple syrup festival in March and sampled some of their syrup. Sooo good!

  4. So fun! Love Clara peeking out from behind the tree :)

  5. Oh this looks like the perfect day trip! Makes me so excited to move back to New England! Also was that ice cream Richardson's brand?? I swear it's the best ever and I'm probably going to eat nothing else for a couple months once I'm back in the area. Maine Black Bear flavor? Stop it, too good! (If it wasn't Richardson's then please just ignore this... and get thee to Faneuil Hall where they also serve it!)

  6. Haha, love the picture of Clara peeking out from behind the tree! You're
    quite brave, icecream + white + me never ever works out! But you look lovely!


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