Monday, July 08, 2013

8 months

Happy 8 months Clara girl! I can't believe how close we are to a year. It's a trip- this whole parent thing!

At 8 months Clara...

-can scoot around really well! I'll turn my back while she's playing in her room and all of the sudden she'll be 3 feet in the other direction! I don't, however, think crawling will be coming any time soon, said scooting is usually done on her bum and she's still got quite a bit of gravity against her! That's a lot of chunk to lift up off the floor!
-is a really good sleeper. She takes two or three naps during the day (1.5 to 2 hours long) and usually sleeps 11-12 hours at night! Dream baby.
-gives the cutest grab your face tongue action kisses ever. usually they're reserved for me, but daddy gets one every now and then too :)
-has perfected her squeal of delight (as my instagram friends have witnessed) 
-more often than not wakes up giggling and talking in her crib. This is beyond cute.
-has tried lots of different foods and is currently digging frozen mangoes.
-has been (at least for the last few days) REALLY attached to me. I'm talking throws a fit if dad is holding her and I go into the other room. While this is very flattering, and I can't lie, I secretly kind of love you have any advice for me? I'm trying my best not to spoil her. Is this a developmental thing? Is it totally my fault? Help!
-is SO close to saying "dada". She says "bababa" all day long and on the 4th she said "daba" while driving home from fireworks which is almost close enough to count as her first word in my opinion. She also says "mama" whenever she's crying and really upset about something- but I'm fairly certain she doesn't know she saying a word in that case.
-still loves bath time and Watson. These are our two fail safes for grumpy Clara- just give her one of the two and she's a happy camper. 
-still loves to snuggle and give hugs which kind of make up for any grumpiness that may occur throughout the day.
-loves to drink out of mom's cup and has now mastered the art of sipping from a straw.
-loves straps...? Seriously, the straps on her car seat, the straps in her stroller, her bumbo. Apparently they're very delicious.
-and speaking of bumbos. her thighs have long since stopped fitting in hers. 

I just love being your mom sweet girl.


  1. Hey!
    So yeah, i definitely stalk your blog. haha.

    I'm studying Child Development, but i am not offended if you disregard this because obviously i'm not a professional or anything! ha.
    anyway, so separation anxiety is totally normal for all babies, it's actually a sign of insecure attachment if they're not anxious when a primary caregiver leaves them, so good news: she's securely attached! The anxiety is usually the worst between 8 and 14 months because the kids are developing their real 'fear' and 'anger' emotions during that span. It will subside at around 14 months though as long you're reassuring her that she's safe and loved when she gets separation anxiety, which i'm sure you do! So she'll be fine.
    She is adorable!
    and seriously you are the cutest family! You seem like an amazing mom!

    1. Melissa!! Thank you for reading- I'm all about stalking! And I'll take any advice I can get! I guess I should've paid better attention in child development :)

  2. I am digging your new blog design! As a mom of two, I can second Melissa. Separation anxiety is normal. I have no formal training in this other than experience and I'm experiencing it right now too! :) It's endearing, isn't it?

  3. Cute new blog! Clara is really adorable. So happy for you. Scooting (any forward/backward movement really)=crawling (official definitions). And that attachment is a huge developmental milestone. If they don't go through that stage its a big warning sign, so enjoy. You're not spoiling her. She just continues to be hitting important milestones right on time!


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