Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Girl's Trip pt. 1

This trip was beyond words. I love these girls (I guess I should say women now...) so much. We reminisced about old times, caught up on the new. Shared heartaches and laughs and reminded ourselves about just how lucky we are to have found each other. The way only old girlfriends can do. You know.

The weekend was filled with lots of Mexican food, horse back riding, pool time, karaoke--yes, you heard me right---, reenacting of old, embarrassing, very-posed photos, late night chats and a smattering of antiquing. because what's a girl's trip without a bit a retail therapy?

Clara, being the only nursing baby among the bunch became our community baby. Who wouldn't want 6 more moms? She was handing out kisses like it was her job.

Have I mentioned I love these girls????

Thanks Mom and Dad for hosting us. It could not have been more perfect.

and just for the record, many of these photos were stolen from Caroline- who is a wizard behind the lens! Sheesh! The good ones are all hers :)


  1. Beautiful photos, it looks like you girls had a blast catching up together, what fun! You are all so beautiful and I think I can even see Caroline's baby belly in the swim suit pics. Cute!

  2. looks like you guys had so much fun :) didn't realize you were also going to be at the rent's house!!!

  3. Way fun! Is everyone from California?

    1. No! Three of us are from CA but only one of us lives there now! We've got Seattle, DC, Texas, Nebraska, Boston and Utah!

  4. So glad you girls could get together. What a blessing to have such wonderful girlfriends! I pray my daughter finds a group like yours.

  5. Ummmm... small world!! I totally grew up with Susan (maiden name Dyer!) I can't think of her married name! Crazy!!!

  6. This seriously looks like so much fun! Nothing beats quality best friend time and how awesome that you've all stayed such good friends since leaving school!

  7. Miss you all!! Best trip every :)


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