Thursday, July 11, 2013

Life is Exquisite

Life is exquisite. With all its ups and downs. Heartbreaks and trials. It is exquisite. A  man we go to church with recently lost his wife to cancer and was sharing with us this, her remark in some of her final months. Life is exquisite. He couldn’t understand it then- why she would say that at such a time, but he understands now.

Sometimes I think we can’t understand how truly blessed and beautiful our lives are until we are faced with some kind of trial. Some bitterness is required to taste the sweet. So without getting too vague and melodramatic here- and no, thank goodness nobody here is faced with any life threatening diseases- I’m just going to say that I’m grateful for my beautiful family and our little life here. I know I’ve complained numerous times about the New England weather and being so far from family and all that is familiar, but I’m here to say that I feel blessed to be where I am. To have the people I have and to be living the life I live.

 Life is exquisite. Happy Thursday.

I’m also grateful for these silky floral hammer pants I’m wearing, if we're being honest here. Because yeah, they were $7 at Target and are the comfort equivalent to publicly appropriate silky pajama pants. And I love them.


  1. Hey ya, i need that publicly appropriate silky pajama pants. I can't do no skinny pants no more in this humid weatherrrr. You look amazing jess!

  2. oh, and your post today is the reason why i like your blog. Your blog is not pretentious, honest and very NOT-trying too hard sort of thing. How refreshing it is, and how just very sweetly sincere. It's so true that trials are inevitable and unavoidable but we need them in a way. And i really know there are so many people out there, who go through so much hardships than I will ever go through. it is important to remind ourselves that every so often.

  3. You're so cute. Thanks for this reminder. Having a rough go of it.

  4. Amen. And we will look back on some of these times in our lives and miss it, even just a tiny bit. It's funny how our trials shape us and how we actually wouldn't change them if given the chance later.


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