Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nap time Productivity

Yesterday during nap time I made approximately one refashioned shirt out of two thrifted ones. Half of a swim cover up/shift dress out of a $4.00 sheet- the other half was finished this morning, 1 envelope pillow for our bed (also out of a sheet), and one baby turban.

When you only have approximately 2 distraction free hours during the get super productive apparently.

Happy Thursday.


  1. Jess, you are so talented. I can't believe you made all those things! Can you be my personal seamstress?

  2. I love that stripe/flower pattern shirt! And you look soooo good in the shift. I know these are more special than new clothes because you made them. Being creative makes life richer you know?

  3. Love! Share your talents and give us tutorials!


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