Wednesday, August 07, 2013

9 months

at 9 months Clara...

-breathes in and out with her gums shut together when she's happy with herself or excited about something. I have no words.
-throws her head back and smiles so big her cheeks look like little apples when something REALLY exciting goes down.
-points. at. everything. That little pointer finger gets a lot of use these days. I may as well call her JAS Hook.
-loves Watson. If you're trying to get her attention and Watson is anywhere in the vicinity...good luck.
-Scoots around pretty well. She's teetering on the edge of the "traditional crawl" but hasn't quite made it there. I'm really in no hurry for this- I fear it will be the end of the roly poly, chubby legged era and I mourn for it already. Dramatic much? 
-is still in the "stranger danger" mode of things but has improved a lot in the past few weeks. She's completely fine as long as I'm holding her. After a few minutes in my arms she almost always warms up and will let you hold her for a bit!
-will try and sound out words you ask her to say. I'll say a word, she makes the shape of the word with her mouth, I'll say it again, she'll whisper the word then she'll say it. It's really fun.
-doesn't absolutely need to be swaddled to sleep anymore and will occasionally fall asleep with her head on my shoulder or just leaning back onto my chest in church. *sigh
-has a growing arsenal of words that include: 'dada' 'papa' and 'mama' 
-needs her sleep man. she's her mamma's girl right there.
-has her daddy's mouth, her mamma's eyes, her aunty claire's nose and the jury is still out on the hair but I *think* it just may be mine too :-) I have way too much fun with this kind of thing.
-loves her some green smoothie.
-causes a scene on every public outing with her outlandish flirting.
-has tan lines in her rolls- I swear I slather her in sunscreen.
-loves to stand on her tip toes.
-has retained the nicknames: sugar, jelly bean, sugar muffin, squish and Clara girl.

We literally can't get enough of you sweet girl, I tip toe in your room every night because I miss you when you're sleeping. You're my dream baby.


  1. Yes, yes. Auntie Tay is coming for you, squish.

  2. Yeah, that's her daddy's mouth! Pretty cartoonish shape of smile, you know? in a good way of course. I can see a little bit of your little sister B in her too.

  3. She looks so grown up in these pictures! Holy cow. And my favorite is when she throws back her head when she smiles. So glad she still does that and I hope it never stops!

  4. She looks so much older than she looked two weeks ago when I saw her!! Such a perfect little girl :-)


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