Monday, August 05, 2013

A Week with Brookie

on my way back from CA I decided to kidnap my baby sister and take her with me to Boston!!


but now she has abandoned me to go back to the motherland and I am left alone out here in the east without any Veater weirdness to send me into giggle fits every 1/2 hour. *sigh

I loved having Brooke here. It was a treat to have some quality one on one time with her seeing as we're on opposite ends of the family line up and I left the house when she was only 7! sheesh! I just love this girl. Clara does too- she seriously gives Brooke just as many (if not more) kisses than she gives me. I'm talking, lunges out of my arms when Brooke walks by, grabs her face and plants one on her kisses. We love her.

Our itinerary went as follows.

Tuesday: Downtown Boston. School shopping on Newbury. Hanover street for dinner.
Wednesday: Picnic, swim and lay out at Walden Pond. ice cream.
Thursday: Maine with the Larrabee's!
Friday: Drive home. Lay out by the pool. 
Saturday: indian food for lunch. girl's day. nails done. shopping. ice cream and a movie.
Sunday: church. sew a skirt together for Brooke.
Monday: caramelized banana french toast for breakfast. take Brooke to the airport :-(

Thanks for palling around with me baby sister! I sure love you! 

^^P.S. Stephen King's house^^



  1. so fun to have her stay with you guys! Whats your recipe for carmelized banana french toast? That sounds divine!

  2. Such a fun trip!! You both are lovely.

  3. Nothing like quality sister time! Love, love your red skirt!


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