Friday, August 30, 2013


I'm a little embarrassed (but not really embarrassed) to say that Tay and I used our Girl's Night Out to eat mac n cheese and see the cheesiest teen chick flick we could get our buttery popcorn fingers on. enter: City of Bones. and yes, we did enjoy it! Ha! Here I was on my high horse telling my 14 yr old sister I wasn't going to read the series because I hated Twilight and tween romance books totally irk me but now I've seen the movie in all it's cheesy glory and I just HAVE to know if they're really brother and sister OK??? We totally called Brooke on bluetooth in the car our way home to vent our feelings about it. *sigh. Anyway. I don't have a lot of opportunities to indulge my inner-teen or wear the one thing in my closet Steve is not so much a fan of- but I just can't seem to get rid of (affectionately dubbed my "marsha marsha marsha" pants)- so I'm glad Tay could help me in this endeavor. Also, I'm of the opinion that it's just fun to go to the movies with a large popcorn and diet coke in hand no matter what's playing on the silver screen. It's kind of magical isn't it?

btw Happy Friday!!

also, I love Capitol theatre in Arlington. so cute.

^^this picture deserved to be posted twice^^


  1. Let me guess: that one thing in your closet your husband is not a big fan of are your high waisted jeans, right? I love everything high waisted but my boyfriend hates it. Oh well. Men.

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  3. I think you styled "marsha, marsha, marsha pants" very nicely with the cute statement necklace!


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