Monday, August 19, 2013

Ice Cream You Scream

why did nobody ever bother to tell me about black raspberry ice cream? I demand to know.

is this an East Coast thing?

our weekend was filled with ice cream.. obv, and more thrift stores, garage sales and antique stores than should ever be fit into two days

all in search for the ever-elusive, perfect desk chair...


but I did manage to find some milk glass, a $2 rug, a silk pillow and some cute sea foam green plates that I didn't really need so... success?

Also, doesn't Clara just remind you a teensy bit of a chubby, baby-girl version of Tom Sawyer in these photos? Shirtless, bare feet, high water overalls...Just a thought.

Happy Monday!


  1. I see there was the serious ice-cream eating session going. It looks soooo good, what you are holding. And I know what you mean about thrift stores, antiques and what not.. i buy just about everything i don't need at the moment:)

  2. where is this?! i think i need to try it out.
    from a fellow bostonian

    1. It's in Waltham on Lake street! It's so good!


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