Friday, August 16, 2013

Lincoln Park

Not the band. Just to be clear. 

Sunday afternoons at Lincoln Park seem to be a habit we just can't kick! If you happen to be visiting, just know- you will be dragged here for a picnic, to sit on a blanket and watch Watson play fetch then jump in the pond. We apologize if this isn't your thing, apparently it's ours. We love this place. and Massachusetts is just too gosh darn pretty in the summer to not take pictures on every outing. So here we are. Thanks for following along ;-) 

^^aquatic corgi^^

Happy Friday! It's the weekend, Huzzah!!!

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  1. What a perfect tradition! Except for those salads that look like you just dumped a handful of weeds on top. :) Just saying. You're a girl after my own heart, Jess. I'm a perpetual sunshine seeker too. Making the most of summer comes with a frantic eagerness to soak in every ray and every happy moment.


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