Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Yesterday, my bright eyed, chubby cheeked baby looked up at me from her changing table and said, clear as day, "mama". Now, she's said the sounds before, mostly when she's crying or really upset about something. but somehow that seemed less conscious of an action, and yesterday when she said it, it went straight to my soul and I knew she said it for me. Gosh I love her.

Today we're recovering from the craziness that has been the last two weeks. Yesterday I bought 3 gallons of bleach from Costco and me and my apartment are going to have a serious discussion about the liberties it was given while our guest was in town :-) 

Don't worry, Clara's monthly update will be coming tomorrow. I just needed to catch my breath.


  1. Sweetest moment ever... So far! Motherhood is amazing.

  2. gahhhh!!! she did it! she did it!


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