Thursday, August 01, 2013

Riding. Girl's Trip pt. 2

One of the things I loved about this trip was being able to share a part of me with these girls. I don't think you can truly know someone until you see where they grew up. You couldn't truly know me unless you've been to the ranch and seen me on a horse. A part of my heart will always be in the saddle, it was so fun to share this with them. Thanks girls for throwing on some boots and getting dirty with me.

....I just re-read that last line, take it as you will ;-)

Again, the best photos of the bunch are Mrs. Mckell's :)


  1. This looks magical. Pretty horses!!!

  2. Great photos! I love that you guys did this.

  3. gorgeous! who was the champion saddle bronc rider?

  4. I love Veater Ranch :) I remember going up there several times for pioneer treks!


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