Thursday, August 15, 2013


sheesh am I trying to squeeze every bit of vitamin D out of this summer or what?! Give me a body of water, a book and some sunshine and I am one happy girl. I can't seem to keep away from Walden Pond. That Thoreau really knew his stuff! Thanks Gena for indulging me with another day in the sun. I hope your Seattle skin didn't pay too dearly for it!

Alright. I can't get enough of this series of photos. She is SUCH a ham. Do you think she knows what to do when a camera is pointed at her face?? The last picture! I die.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Jessica, I like your blog and loved it on

  2. That chunk is so adorable. Can't stand it.

  3. I died too! Awww factor is accelerating rapidly for Clara!

  4. Can I just say Clara is the most adorable baby EVER?!!! I love her endless rolls and charming smile!


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