Thursday, September 19, 2013

20 minute sweatshirt for baby/ kind of a tutorial

and now begins my obsession with sewing for Clara! I know, I know, I can't believe I haven't made her any clothes yet either! For some reason I was really intimidated by baby clothes? I don't know. Anyway- if we're being totally honest I spent 2 hours yesterday making a pair of harem sweatpants for her that totally failed. so I decided I would make this top to make up for it! Enter: 20 minute sweatshirt 

all you'll need is an old sweatshirt of yours, straight pins and a sewing machine!

1. cut out your pieces ( I used a t shirt of hers to measure for size)

2. pin right sides together and sew up the sides and the shoulders.

3. sew your sleeves to make little tubes- leave the ends open.

4. pin the sleeves right sides together on the curves and sew. Make sure to line up your seams.

5. turn right side out. fold over your edges and topstitch .


easy peasy.

I made mine a little big so she could wear it all winter!

love this girl.

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  1. I wiiiiish I have your sewing machine skills!
    your 20 min. means my 2 hours of frustration... so I will just enjoy your pictures :)


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