Thursday, September 05, 2013

adventures in woodworking.

so...don't look too closely but I finally finished the desk I've been working on for Steve!! 
Don't be deceived...those flowers will be replaced with not one, but two large computer screens in a matter of days! boys, you know.
some friends of ours from church re-did their kitchen flooring and gave away the left over 100 year old wood flooring (thanks Wilsons!!)- hence my idea to become a carpenter. 
I started out wanting to make a headboard, then Steve decided he wanted to get a desktop to work at home more on the weekends, etc etc enter desk!! I thought it would be relatively easy to piece a table top together and tack on some vintage hairpin legs! A week tops. was a little more difficult than planned, hand sawing is tough work, man! BUT I rose triumphant! This was my maiden voyage and I learned a lot, I'm expecting big things from myself in the future! Ha!

oh, and why yes I did pick up the perfect "office chairs" 2 for $15 on our recent jaunt in upstate NY. thanks for asking. The ever elusive, not too bulky-comfy-but not an ugly standard office chair was found! The shop wouldn't let go of just one, so with two we went and I'm not too upset about it either! she pairs rather nicely with Ella.

cheers to the weekend! One more day!


  1. Um it looks AWESOME! I love it! Also the chair, glad you finally found it- best. day. ever.

  2. That looks so amazing! Good job!

  3. You are incredible! Seriously, is there anything you don't do? :)

  4. Great job Jess! Love the idea of 100 year-old floor upcycling.


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