Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Farewell to Summer and a Sincere Thank You.

 First and foremost. Thank you everybody for your heartfelt and encouraging comments on my post yesterday. I really do feel so much better after hearing from you guys. Aren't blogs kind of funny? I'm so glad I've been able to connect with so many of you through the web- it really has been a blessing for me in countless ways! It's one of the #1 reasons I keep blogging- so thank you thank you thank you!

Next. a farewell to summer. 2013.

 Unless the weather decides to make an abrupt and pretty much illegal U-turn in the next few days...I won't be seeing you for another 8 ish months. the sheets have been cold when i slip into bed at night, the candles are flickering and my robe and slippers need to be hung close to slip into when i go nurse jelly bean in the morning. fall is here and with it, you have begun to slowly fade away. you were so good to us this year. SO good. so good, that for the first time in years I wasn't quite ready to see you go. with you brought a chunky baby in bathing suits, many visitors, day trips, vacations, lots of flights, a love affair with Walden Pond, city exploring, lazy afternoons at the park, the beach, sweat and sunscreen and tan lines in all of Clara's rolls. this Boston summer has been one of my favorite summers yet. you really outdid yourself this year. thank you and farewell.

 till next year. 

xoxo Jess


  1. Yep! I'm over here saying farewell to summer! It was a good one:-) I remember last summer thinking about how different THIS summer would be (for the Bean). Now, I'm thinking already about next summer. He'll be running around even more! Time flies when you're having fun in the sun:-) xoxo

  2. clara is the happiest baby, love these pictures!

  3. Most darling series of pictures everrrrrr.


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