Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Friday.

Hi! It's Friday! I'm definitely ready for the weekend. Let's just hope our family cold wears off so we can actually enjoy it! Bleh!

 Highlights of the week were as follows:

- Clara, pulling herself up on the lounge, grabbing her favorite pillow and yelling "hi baby!!" before burying it in a slobbery kiss. I was laughing for a good ten minutes straight.

-more and more highlighter colored trees poking out through the green.

-scoring a milk glass lamp at the thrift store!!

-lighting a candle in our room every night. Is it just me or does anyone else feel weird when they light a candle when it's hot outside? candles=cold weather. in my book at least.

-bringing the jelly bean in to snuggle under the covers with me in the mornings. 

cheers to the weekend!


  1. clara couldn't be any sweeter! happy weekend!

  2. Love this, and you, and clara, and "hi baby!" Haha!!

  3. what, she is standing.. she will walk in no time. I can't wait.. cute outfit for both of you!


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