Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Naptime Productivity pt. 2

and thus ensues another round of naptime productivity! There's something kind of thrilling about having a strict 2 hour (sometimes less) deadline to get things done. Moms out there, am I right or am I right? I mean it is possible to get things done while the jelly bean is awake but...it usually must involve some kind of food and countless interruptions and so, you know. 2 hrs! The possibilities are endless! 

first naptime craft for today: boxy shirt. I'm pretty proud of myself with this one- sleeves TOTALLY intimidate me. I got this fabric at an antique store with my sister for $3 (I still have a yard left!!!!) and it was just screaming "boxy t shirt" to me. I've been really into them lately apparently. I basically made my own pattern from a shirt I got from Target I got a couple of weeks ago (pictured here) and then winged it from there and it didn't turn out half bad! If you're reading this Richelle, you know who you are, you taught me everything I know!!

second naptime craft: velvet envelope pillow. tutorial here. There is really no logical reason for this. Except that I love pillows and much like teen fantasy novels and diet coke and baby hair bows...I just can't quit them. 

Happy Crafting!


  1. Love the hemline of your new shirt! I chuckled reading the part about deadline,we all need some pressure to achieve most, right? the leftover fabric can be Clara's head band!

  2. This fabric and this shirt are incredible!!! I wish we lived closer so we could nap-time craft together!

  3. Go girl! I am just getting into sewing clothes using other clothes as a pattern. It's so fun!!


  4. You are SO talented! Mind blown with every naptime.

  5. You are so talented! I am very impressed with your sewing skillz. And those heels. :)


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