Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Palmyra with the Jacksons

For Labor Day weekend we met up with Steve's sister Jess (yes I know, I stole her name. sorry Jess!!) for a trip to Palmyra, NY! We hadn't seen the Jackson's in nearly two years, which is entirely too long. Palmyra was somewhat of a half way point for us so we decided to make a weekend of seeing the church history sites. We had so much fun. Clara was very outnumbered- but loved all of her cousins! They were slightly less phased by her but she thought they were the best thing ever! Get that girl some siblings! Just kidding, a little. Also, upstate NY is a dream. So gorgeous.

We loved Palmyra, it is such a special place, very near to my heart. 
Thanks Jackson's for coordinating this- we had a blast!

^^cousin photo!!^^

P.S. Palmyra randomly has A TON of awesome antique and vintage shops! I was dying. I also may or may not have found my every elusive chair!!! Eeepp!!! Deets coming your way soon...


  1. Your photos are gorgeous. Th two of you in the trail? is especially sweet. Aaand, i was reminded that i need a stained glass over my window.

  2. We had so much fun with you guys!! So glad we finally made the trip happen. The only thing I regret is not going back to the antique shops to look around (without the kids). I now realize that that magazine holder would have gone PERFECTLY in our living room. Argh. Maybe you and I need to meet up there again for some shopping :) Clara can come too, we'll make a girls trip out of it.


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