Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Clara is so fun right now. SO fun. Her little personality is just bursting out. I mean, it's always been there- but it feels like the older she gets, the more her little shell peels off and lets me glimpse more of that special girl underneath. she's just here more and more. you know?
my jelly bean, she knows what she wants. and she'll let you know, don't worry. she's always been happy, but she's never been a quiet baby, by any stretch. now that she's really got a handle on that voice of hers- she will be heard! Although this makes for potentially awkward scenarios- particularly at church or during a conversation with a cashier... I'm glad she speaks up for herself, i hope she keeps that with her the rest of her life. I want her to be her- I pray she'll have the strength to go her own way. to own anything that makes her quirky or different from her friends at school. 
I just love her- and I feel like this little girl I'm getting to know is sure of herself and strong, and I'm proud of her for that.
just some thoughts about my girl for today. and since when is she old enough to want to carry around a doll? I mean.


  1. I'm in love with her. Yep.
    Thanksgiving come sooner!

  2. So awesome that she's already showing signs of being her own person! Love her outfit!


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