Monday, September 09, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

our weekend was so good. it wasn't anything "special" as far as activities go, but somehow I kind of loved it all the more for it. we had some Shake Shack, did some serious deep cleaning, made chocolate croissants (our Sunday tradition), put the jelly bean in a dress we've been waiting for her to wear FOREVER- you know. (thanks Grandma Kara!), practiced our crawling skills and had some guitar sessions with Dad. long live the weekend.


  1. Love those clogs with your jeans!

  2. What was that about Clara losing her chub?? HAHA I think she's got some reserves to last a little while longer. So cute. She looks like such a big girl standing up in those pictures!! Makes me see what she'll look like as an adorable little toddler :-)


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