Monday, September 16, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend.

We had plans to road trip up to Maine or northern Mass. this weekend Concord sweet potato fries were not merely calling, but SCREAMING my name. Call us boring, but we had to give in. and it was worth it, oh so worth it. In fact, looking at these photos- I'm totally craving them again! Heaven help my hips. I have not been successful in my search for replacement shoestring fries (they would be replacing the spot in my heart previously filled by Marley's shoestring fries, of course.) but I have found these. and I'm in love. I digress. I swear I could talk about food for hours, I'll cut myself off here.

This weekend it truly felt like fall, a little crispiness in the air and pockets of orange leaves to boot. I actually needed a sweater! Ha! It's funny how you forget the feeling of being cold outside until the day you are caught in need of a sweater, the memories of last year's season rush in again. we're back. mmm. We walked into the Concord bookstore, because I can never pass up a bookstore- if only to take in that new book smell. It was one of those times you get lost in the future. you know. my little curly headed brunette pulling my hand through the book shelves, reading together on a chair and picking out a new friend to take home. Magic I tell you, pure magic. I can't wait.

We ended the weekend as we usually do. Wearing our handsome little corgi out at the park. Clara playing on the wool blanket while I simultaneously feed her pieces of my peach between the pages of a book. Steve, of course tuckering the little guy out with an enthralling game of fetch. Life is good.


  1. that picture of Clara on the blanket... gah! she's absolutely adorable jess.

  2. What a lovely little weekend, not boring at all! Of course now you have me craving sweet potato fries as well! :)

  3. Aw, you and Clara rock knit sweathers looking so cute.


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