Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sleep Deprivation, and other Random Thoughts.

I found these photos on Steve's phone last night and I got that achy, happy, sort of nostalgic feeling. you know the one. How is it that having a newborn brings in so much craziness- the sleep deprivation, insane hormones, engorgement (ouch! just being real here...)- but is just so dang happy and magical at the same time? I'm sure my pre-baby eyes would look at this photo and say "wow, she looks beat and completely miserable- no thanks." I look at this photo and sigh, saying I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat to have that tiny, squishy, sweet-smelling newborn asleep on my chest. curled up in her happy place. mmm.

yesterday was a little crazy- poor Steve was up every hour throwing up (flu or food poisoning...who knows?!?!) and I was busy trying to take care of him and baby girl all while obliterating every germy surface with as much bleach as one could muster (being a mom has made me just slightly germophobic....not sure if that's a real word, just humor me here.) but we're on the up and up now! Steve is back to work and Clara and I are just going to quarantine ourselves for a few days to make sure we stay healthy! I say "no thank you" to the flu!!! I figure if I have to throw up every day for six ish months for every baby I have I shouldn't have to catch the flu. Isn't that in the "life by-laws" somewhere? Also, found out last night that I won the loveTaza giveaway for Kate Spade online!! Eeep. I'm still kind of in shock! Who ever wins giveaways anyway? So, moral of the story: don't feel too sorry for me!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. i miss those newborn days too, even though they were so crazy! and i can't wait for baby #2 in feb to do it all over again. congrats on the winning the giveaway, that is so awesome! i'm still waiting for my email telling me i've won :)

  2. I was just telling Jordan the same thing the other day, except about the hospital. How can it be associated with so many happy feelings and memories, when I was in a lot of pain and could barely walk? But I'd do it all again in a heartbeat because of how wonderful it was. And congrats on the giveaway! $1000! Ekkk! So exciting!

  3. No way! I'm so jealous you won. :) How cool is that? It sounds like you might be ready for round #2 here soon enough. I held a newborn the other day. My reaction? "She's cute. I'm good." I still remember that sleep deprivation and hormones too well. But give me another six months and ask again. hehe

  4. AH! congrats on the Kate Spade giveaway that is wonderful!!! What a fun shopping spree.
    I sleep ALL THE TIME. I cant imagine what it will be like after my babe has arrived, let alone what my second pregnancy will be like. Being this tired with a little one around to keep me occupied.... sheesh. ;) But really I am hoping for twins and cant wait to be up to my ears in curly haired babies. Siblings are one of the greatest gifts a parent can give to their children!


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