Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekending and thoughts on dates.

This weekend Steve and I saw a glimpse into our empty-nester future, in a corner booth filled with a group of 60 somethings chatting about the thrills of Memento- trying to eat fast enough to make it to their 8 o' clock show. That is to say, lots of eating out and LOTS of movies at the theatre. I can tell you honestly there is only one thing that I miss about life without Clara, and that is dates at the silver screen with my sexy man. She has made life a hundred times better in every other possible way, but man it makes dating a lot harder!! Don't get me wrong we still go out and have fun with our little jelly bean in tow but....I don't really consider it a "date" unless my undivided attention falls directly on that curly haired boy I signed up for eternity with. Which- let's just call a spade a spade- does not happen with a 10 month old who, not asks, but demands a sweet potato fry in both fists at all times. she gets that from her momma by the way. love that girl. 

Anyway, the weekend was a much needed recharger, as always. I also ran 8 miles (1/2 marathon training) which only kind of makes up for the two rounds of sweet potato fries and bacon blue cheese burger that totally went down. Not going to apologize for that.

Also, long live Sunday taco night, loose sweatshirts and boyfriend jeans, and naked babies with back rolls amen!

Happy Monday!


  1. taco night looks amazing! i'm dying over that picture of clara and watson!

  2. Where are you getting those sweet potato fries!? I think I need them!

  3. I agree! Divulge that sweet potato location, neighbor! ;) Lovely post as always!

    1. For all who wish to know!!! Bobby's Burgers in Burlington, MA!! Do yourself a favor and go immediately.

  4. Mmmm... yum! And I wholeheartedly about going on dates with just my hubby. Your blog is one of my favorites.

  5. You are awesome for training for a half marathon with a 10 month old. Seriously. Also, when I make my dream trip to Boston happen some day to visit you then I request that we have sweet potato fries as much as possible :) Love you!

  6. those pics of you and Clara in a parking lot or something - are gorgeous. Btw i'm hungry now!

  7. Jess darlinnnnggg! Love, love love the fabulous bloggy blog:-) Cutest Family Ever Award is already set aside. I have to ask where you got those FAB brown leather boots you have on in this post?! They're kind of amaze. Love ya lady! Happy Monday! x0


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