Tuesday, October 08, 2013

11 months

stop it. just stop it. how was it a year ago that I was positive I would go into labor during Hurricane Sandy and have to have a baby on my living room floor (the roads would obviously be flooded and no ambulance would be able to make it....clearly....so logical)? and now I have this beautiful, chunky baby girl who has changed me forever. i couldn't imagine my life without her. this is a trip.

at 11 months Clara...

-has two teeth- and from the looks of it, two more on the way! I used to dread the teeth, but it's kind of exciting now that they're here! I thought that it really couldn't get any better than the gummy smile but I can already tell, the teeth are just going to make it that much cuter.

-makes the funniest faces when she's concentrating on something...see pictures 10 & 11.

-loves her some solid food! She needs at least three meals a day and a couple cheerios mixed in there too. she loves food, that girl. her momma's daughter.

-knows what she wants! she's my strong-willed girl and although it makes "boundaries" really hard lately, I wouldn't have it any other way. a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and I love her for it.

-is getting more and more of those sweet little curls on the back of her head. she's so fluffy I'm gonna DIE!!!

-would prefer to snack on dirt for dessert. I swear, this girl. her favorite vices are getting into Edmund's (the tree's) soil and pulling down all the books on the bookshelf. we're attempting to teach her what the word "no" means. I'll let you know how that goes.

-loves her naked time and has now started protesting the diaper. can't say I really blame her.

-is scooting around really fast! Every once in a while she'll have a really good crawl, pause, and laugh at herself for a job well done, then keep on her merry way. my gosh if it's not just the funniest thing.

-has a really funny little sense of humor. loves peek-a-boo, putting her fingers/whole hand in your mouth-it hilarious, you know.-taking her food out of her mouth and putting it back in again, getting watson to lick her feet, and putting her binkie in your mouth. such a little clown.

-loves her dad and lunges out of my arms every night when he comes home!

-has retained the nicknames: jelly bean, clara girl, chunky monkey, and roser girl (?)

^^^ her, "i know, i'm so funny mom" face.^^^
it's blurry- but I couldn't bring myself to leave it out.


  1. happy birthday clara!!!! can't wait to give you a little smooch tomorrow!

  2. I love how you've taken every month's pictures on the same chair and in a white onesie. Will you be putting them all side by side for us in a month to see? Happy 11 months!

  3. Aaaaah, she is my favorite blogsphere baby.

  4. Oh goodness, she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I can't get over how gorgeous she is! Happy almost 1 year!
    xo TJ

  5. I can't believe she still sits still for you! I've been struggling with monthly photos since 6 months! He just stands and gets all excited.
    Clara is my favorite baby girl. She is just a doll. A cute chubby roly poly doll :)

  6. Gosh your little girl is absolutely beautiful! She looks like such a happy content baby.


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