Wednesday, October 09, 2013

An Ode to Watson

oh dear, sweet watson,
 you're such a weirdo. you love to lick socks and roll around on carpet. you're obsessed with playing fetch and hunting flies around the house. you hide kibbles in random corners and have a death grudge against the squirrel who lives in our tree. but gosh dang it if i don't just love your furry little guts. we had a rough patch there for a while when i was pregnant/a new mom and hormonal and you were having your cardboard chewing/wreaking havoc on anything i bought for baby off of amazon phase. but i love you dude. you're a good pup. you make Clara laugh when you lick her little toes, you're my little spoon on the couch when we watch movies. you shed an obscene amount of fur and you scare small children with your excessive enthusiasm for strangers... but gosh dang it, we love ya. You belong with us. and even though you haven't gotten a lot of face time on the little ole blog as of late, i couldn't imagine our family without you.

love, mom


  1. Corgis are the best! Even if they shed enough hair to make three more dogs :)

  2. Bahaha, love these pictures. He is so weird & adorable :)



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