Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blogger BFFs

Sometimes this online world can be kind of discouraging. People can be mean- using the anonymity of the internet to express themselves without restraint...aka bully. I can't lie, I have considered cutting this blog off cold turkey, either taking it private or completely off the web. Every time I've considered that, I remember all the wonderful, kind people I've met, and friends I've made through this blog and the big bad internet. I've realized that I'm not willing to give up the overwhelming good for the bad taste of just a few in comparison.
One of those blogging friends is Emily. Emily and i have been good blogging friends for a few years now. When I found out I was moving to Boston she promptly emailed me with a list of areas i should look at with the pros and cons of each! I mean. She's a doll and I just love her. Since we've moved here, we've been able to become "real-life friends" and i'm so grateful for her and the blogging world for bringing us together! We had a little girl's night this week at my place and it was so fun. Long live blog friends and sweet pork salads! We meant to carve pumpkins together know, got caught up chatting instead. There are worse things. I just love her, have I said that already?

^^I hope you don't hate me for posting this photo! You just looked so cool!^^


  1. i love you too!!!! so blessed and thankful for you!!!

  2. Please don't give up on your GREAT blog! It is my favorite and I love your little family. I am so glad I found this happy part of the internet because it inspires me more ways than you can imagine. I have been wondering if we can have a Skype date one of these day? So good that you have such a wonderful friend as Emily thanks to the blogging wolrd! Keep posting!
    P.s.: Can't live a comment without saying how CUTE your daughter is!!!!

  3. Your hair is getting so long! How awesome is it to have a blogger friend turn real life friend? I recently learned a few lessons via facebook actually about holding back some opinions and learning to be more tolerant and kind. It goes a long way!

  4. Oh I just love when blog friends become real friends! Alsoooo, I have to echo Erika: Don't give up your blog! I love it.


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