Monday, October 07, 2013

fall colors and moody weekends and things.

this weekend was wet and moody and perfect for snuggling in the way that only fall can be.

we watched conference and lit candles and our little courtyard was filled up with newly fallen yellow leaves.

i bought more pumpkins and put up black butterflies on the wall. Halloween, you know.

 we drove around Concord looking for the fall color on the way to get our sweet potato fries- and even though Steve had to leave Sunday night for a business trip, it was perfect.

Happy Monday.


  1. I think I can see some curls which is so cute and makes little Clara even more adorable! Hah, if that would be possible. Oh and the fall colours... Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year.

  2. I swear, there's nothing quite like fall in New England! Such pretty colors. Also that little Clara is just too adorable! :)

  3. oh, my. the sweetest pictures!!!


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