Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jess + Pete come to Boston

moral of my life--> always live in a cool city! We've had so many fun visitors!

Jess and Pete (sister and brother-in-law) came to visit Boston for the weekend and we had so much fun with them. I am absolutely positive that our Saturday in the city was my favorite Boston tour day to date. and believe me, I have a lot to choose from! The weather was perfect- light jacket weather is always my favorite. period. Boston has really pulled out the stops for Fall this year. I can't get enough of it! To top it all off we found THE coolest italian bakery/grocery store in the north end and took home a dinner of artisan bread, salami, kalamata olives, cheeses and pasta. perfection.

Thanks for coming Pete and Jess! We miss you already! I can't wait for Christmas.

^^digging for gold now, apparently^^


  1. sibling visits are the best! how fun!

  2. Can I come visit? Seriously adore all your Boston adventures.

  3. So fun! And it just hit me that this is now your second fall in Boston. Crazy how time flies! The leaves have barely started changing here and we are still getting 80 degree weather, which I know is supposed to be ideal but I really miss the New England (and even in Utah) change of leaves/temperature/etc.


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