Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Priorities. Providence pt. II

everybody vacations differently. Steve and I just love to eat good food and relax- for us, that's what a getaway entails. we had so much fun wandering around Providence. we parked and decided to just walk through downtown on our way to the sushi restaurant we were wanting to go to. we happened upon a street art festival (so cool!!!) awed at the capital building and meandered through Brown University. I have some substantial blisters from the hike up through Brown but it was totally worth it. who even knew Brown was in Providence? there's Ivy Leagues all over the place out here!!! On our way back down from dinner we wandered in and out of bookstores and storefronts and happened upon the coolest river lighting (?) festival. The perfect end to a really fun day. 
moral of the story is, Providence is really pretty and you should probably go if you get the chance. also, the weather was divine and the colors were changing, and I found an old victorian building that struck me as something that would come straight out of Harry Potter so that probably helped along my feelings about the place. long live weekend getaways. 

how do you vacation?

^^sleeping baby foot^^

^^The HP building...don't ask.^^


  1. These photos are so lovely. I like vacations without agenda as well.. not so much of obvious sightseeing locations.. but just wandering around, finding and enjoying everyday places that local residents would go to.

  2. Your idea of a perfect trip is ours: good food & relaxing! I'm loving watching the seasons change in your beautiful photos.


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