Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Carving 2013

I love holidays. Halloween used to be my least favorite holiday. It was most likely because in High School I associated it solely with scantily-clad women and horror movies. Neither of which are really my jam. In recent years I have come to see the magic in a season where pumpkin flavored everything and mythical creatures abound, which are both totally my jam. So hey, it's all about growing up and gaining perspective ;-)

carving pumpkins has kind of become an informal tradition for Steve and I--it almost slipped away from us this year but I'm glad we made it happen last night! What would Halloween be without some HP, Hedwig and Maximus glowing on your stoop?

Happy Halloween Eve! Is that a thing?


  1. That Harry Potter pumpkin KILLS ME.
    Spot on, my dear.

  2. Fantastic pumpkin themes! I've made a couple HP pumpkins over the years too...just fits the season ya know?!

  3. cute cuuute pumpkins!!!! and you are so cute, too, lady ;)

  4. I love your kitty one! That Steve's focused expression carving pumpkin, haha.

  5. I just started reading the Harry Potter books, which makes these even cuter!!! I agree, I've never been a Halloween girl but the mythical, pumpkin-flavored stuff? That I can totally get behind ;)

  6. First off, your Harry Potter Pumpkins? Brilliant! And secondly, I love those candles and all that excess wax! So dreamy!


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