Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thrifted Denim Skirt Refashion

I had been wanting a denim pencil skirt for a while now so when I ran across this at Urban Renewals (thrift store in Brighton), I knew it must be mine! It was about 4 sizes too big so I did a lazy girl's up cycle. aka: turned it inside out, folded it in half, cut out the extra fabric from the back in a straight line then sewed it back up again. 20 minutes guys. you know how I do. I think it turned out great!

also, notice our little "photographer's helper" down there in her momma's old vintage red velvet dress. I die.

hi New England. I just can't get enough of you this fall.


  1. I love your outfit! Threw away my old denim scirt and looking at your pictures makes me want to kick myself for doing so. I could have refashioned it the same way!!!
    Oh and Clara.... She is cuter by the day!

  2. You've got skills and that dress of Clara's is to die for!

  3. i've decided that you need to help me learn some basic sewing. yes, that's my decision and i'm sticking to it ;) can't wait to see you and the little lady.

  4. Sewing is the skill I want most and I know I will never have (I just know). Good Job Jess. Love Clara's smile!

  5. So envious of your sewing skills! Your family is just so darling, and your little gal's dress? I die!


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