Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Clara, 1 year old.

Happy first birthday Clara girl! 

You have made this year an absolute joy for your parents. We couldn't be happier that it was YOU who joined our family. we love you immensely. 

at one year Clara,

-enjoys feeding you things and sticking her hands in your mouth. she has no qualms about germs, this one.

-loves popcorn. this discovery comes to you straight from Grandpa George.

- is obsessed with her stuffed animals, especially "Sal" the seal. She grabs him and mauls him with kisses every time she sees him.

-stands on her tip toes when she pulls herself up on things.

-has acquired a taste for the dirt in our potted tree and will not leave it alone. I turn my back for seriously one second and she's making a b line for it. She's keeping me on my toes.

-has recently discovered the wonder that is pots and pans. Sorry downstairs neighbors!

-loves to play with her books. it is so funny to me that she always goes to play with the books first. a reader in the making! I'm calling it now!

-will eat pretty much anything I put in front of her (except fish, she didn't like fish), but seems to especially love pancakes, broccoli and bananas.

-starts pumping her fists when she gets excited about anything. it's beyond cute. she always does this when Steve gets home, then dives out of my arms for him.

-has THREE teefs!!! She's yet to bite me while nursing...thankfully!

-loves to be read to then sung to bed at night. I secretly love doing it- it's our sacred time.

Happy Birthday sweet baby.


  1. Oh she's so beautiful. Happy birthday dear Clara!

  2. Happy Birthday Beautiful Clara! And congrats momma on a year of motherhood :)

  3. Happy Birthday you sweet thing, Clara!!!

  4. such a doll! isn't it weird to think about life before our babies?! we had no idea what we were missing out on and they make life just so complete.

  5. Oh happy birthday to little Clara! She is just so adorable. I love that she's already a reader in the making! :)

  6. Happy birthday sweet little girl! She is one gorgeous and happy babe!

  7. Gosh! I can't believe she is a YEAR old! Jess, you have a ONE YEAR OLD child!!!


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